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The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Consett
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 Great pub, winner of best venue in Consett 2012 
Added Fri 8th Mar 2013 | Read all reviews

About The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Pub in Consett

Car Parking
TV screens showing TV Sports and ESPN/Sky Sports if available
Pub has Casque Marque Accreditation
The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Pub in Consett is a Pub which features Car Parking, TV Sports, and Casque Marque
The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) ConsettThe Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Consett Telephone number: 01207 585600

Unfortunately we do not have any further information about The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) in Consett

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The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Brewery and Pub Information

Operator/Brand/Pub Co: Wetherspoons.
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Location Map For The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Pub in Consett

What's on at The Company Row (JD Wetherspoon) Consett

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