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Forest of Dean ales served in the House of Commons

Brewed in the Forest of Dean, Hillside Brewerys beer has been welcomed to Parliament, where its fruity pale ale is sure to get a resounding yes from MPs.

The Forest of Deans Hillside Brewery has been playing its own small part in UK politics whetting parched whistles in the House of Commons with its homemade golden ale, Pinnacle.

Pinnacle is being served in the Parliament Strangers Bar where MPs and their guests will be sipping on the local drink throughout the week.

The MP for the Forest of Dean, Mark Harper, is a keen advocate of the Brewery and was the first person to pull the pint in Parliament.

He said: I am pleased to hear that this local family-run business continues to thrive, and welcoming their Pinnacle ale to Parliament today was the perfect opportunity to catch up on how their business is progressing.

I hope that the chance to serve their ale in one of the countrys most historic bars has given Hillside a unique opportunity to showcase their great product.
Well raise a glass to that

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